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Need to Rehome Your Horse?

The MHWC does not have a rescue facility to house equines, but can assist in certain situations if all other resources have been exhausted.  We recommend trying the following, depending on your situation:

If you have an emergency, please contact us (advice only), or one of our MHWC Partner Rescues.

If your horse is in good physical condition and you would like to sell your horse, below is a list of sites that we know of:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not list your horse ‘For Free!’ or at an extremely low price.  A couple of the sites offer free ads to those looking to place a horse, but this does not mean you need to list your horse “for free,” and the MHWC very much advises against doing so. There are numerous active “kill buyers” throughout the state who have no problem lying to desperate owners in order to acquire free horses. Kill buyers make a profit by selling horses to other kill buyers or directly at auctions. These horses almost always end up in the slaughter pipeline.

Just a few cautionary rehoming stories here:

50 Plus Horses Missing After Vet Students “Adopts” Them (WSB TV – Atlanta)

Do You Know Where Your Old Horses Are? (Chronicle of the Horse)

Suggestions BEFORE allowing horse to leave your property:

  1. Always call potential new owner’s references, including veterinarian and farrier
  2. Always visit new home
  3. Take a pic of new owner’s driver’s license and license plate
  4. Require new owner signs a contract saying you will be contacted first before horse ever leaves their care. Sample contract here:  http://equinerescuenetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/transferownership.pdf

Need Hay?

Please use these links to locate hay growers in your area. If you would like to donate hay, please contact an MHWC Partner Rescue near you (the MHWC does not accept actual hay donations at this time).

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