For Law Enforcement Officials

For Law Enforcement Officials

One of the main missions of the MHWC is to assist law enforcement officials across the state with suspected cruelty, neglect and abandonment cases involving equines. We can assist in a number of ways, including hay assistance, horse placement, welfare guidelines, veterinarian opinions and prosecutorial assistance.

Emergency Assistance: 734-476-2552 (law enforcement officials only)

The Michigan Legislature has designated primary provisions related to cruelty to animals: intentional infliction of pain and suffering and duty to provide care. The intentional infliction of pain and suffering provision carries the most severe penalties for animal cruelty and a violation is automatically a felony. A violation of the duty to provide care provision is initially a misdemeanor, which becomes a felony for a second or subsequent violation.

See provisions in detail at MSU’s Animal Legal & Historical Center.

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Henneke Body Condition Scoring Chart
Henneke Body Condition Scoring Chart – video
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Michigan Animal Laws
750.50 – Michigan’s standard animal cruelty statute, which includes horses:
750.50b — the felony torture statute, which makes it an automatic felony to knowingly kill, torture, mutilate, maim, or disfigure an animal: